The Most Interested Type of Motorcycle Racing

The Most Interested Type of Motorcycle Racing

Apart from being a fun spectacle to watch, racing is also a popular sport for many people, especially men. Among the sports of motor racing, competition uses two-wheeled vehicles to fight for a victory on the podium.

For the tracks used are quite diverse, most people use asphalt tracks or dusty soil. For most motorbike racing lovers, of course they think it’s just a race to win. The wrong assumption about this sport.

Driving a motorbike that is used is certainly very difficult. In addition to the unnatural weight, the track with sharp turns adds adrenaline to driving. Of course, to become a motorbike racing champion, a racer needs to be mentally and also hard training.

Each exercise has objectives for various trails as well. What are the types of motorbike racing that are most popular with many people? Let’s just look at the discussion.

MotoGP Races

This motorbike racing seems like the most prestigious type of motorbike racing. MotoGP fans have a fantastic number and are scattered in various countries. To the extent that there is a separate community or fan club that is always present wherever the idol racer does the MotoGP race.

This special MotoGP iron horse is a 1000 cc engine that must devour 22 laps or laps. There is a class category division for each motor engine capacity. Among them are the Moto 2 class, Moto 3 class and finally the MotoGP class which competes in 18 official circuits.

Motor speed can reach 300 km / h more with 6 gears. And special smooth-sided tires without indentation lines are the hallmark of MotoGP.

World Superbike racing

Superbike motorbike racing is a motorbike racing event using a motor sport with a capacity of 1000 cc which is sold in bulk. This means that the motor used is a motorbike that can also be owned by the wider community with a certain economic level.

The riders in the Superbike event are also not as famous as the Moto GP racers. The exception is those who previously raced for the MotoGP event and moved to the Superbike.

The riders are only joined in a team and do not carry the name of a motorbike manufacturer which is supported by several sponsors who work with them. This means that almost all of the funds come from the personal team and sponsors.


Supermoto racing

The type of motor racing in the world besides the basic design of the motorbike used in the Supermoto race is a trail bike. But there are separate modifications to the motorcycle handlebar and also the tire size. The tires used in Supermoto are larger than the size of tires used in Moto Trail racing.

Likewise with the engine capacity. Moreover, the track used combines an asphalt track with a dirt track. The level of obstacles determined adds to the excitement of this Supermoto racing event. However, Supermoto is only held on a few tracks in Italy.

Motocross racing

This type of motor racing is a type of motor racing, using a dirt track with various forms of obstacles, which are specially formed. This racing spectacle will add to the excitement for motorbike racing lovers.

Like an obstacle to making a jump or jump and some turns classified as sharp, the riders have to lower their legs to help them make it easier to turn. Mud and dirt are the hallmarks of this race. Many of the motorbike racing fans immediately came to the venue because of the excitement.

Speedway Race Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing in the world apart from this type of motorbike racing is quite unique. The track used is an earth-type track and is only oval in shape. Maneuvering turns at high speed and the position of the feet dropped to the ground are the coolest stunts of the racers when racing.

The size of the body frame used is also quite slim. Making it easier for racers to maneuver “sliding” at high speed in making corners.

RaceRoad racing

If this one is a motorbike race usually held in the Asian region. The circuits that are used also make use of road sections in a city that have been bounded with sacks filled with sand or only used tires. They only use a motorcycle with a capacity of 110 cc to 125 cc which is used in several racing categories, namely seeded class, beginner A, and beginner B.

They use a type of motorbike that is sold in bulk. The distance that each driver has to cover is 10 to 20 km. Don’t get me wrong. In fact, this racing competition also has an Asian level championship, you know. The name of the Indonesian racer, Doni Tata Pradita, can penetrate the racing class in the Moto GP event.

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