The entry of the World Drag Motor Racing Branch

The entry of the World Drag Motor Racing Branch

Do you already understand what did mean by a World Drag Motor? Drag bike is one of the most popular automotive sports or motorsports. Even though the rules are completely different from MotoGP and WSBK, drag bikes have their own challenges.

Drag bikes are quite well known in Indonesia and are a branch of motorsport that involves two motorbikes competing at high speeds on a 201-meter straight track. The rules that are enforced are quite simple, namely, the winner is who goes to the finish line first.

The challenges and dangers are of course faced by the participating racers. Apart from relying on the engine and motor power, the driver’s technique and mentality also affect the results of the race. For spectators who stand in the racing, the area is also at risk because the danger can threaten.

drag race tournament

A Brief History of Drag Race Motor Travel

The start of a motorcycle drag race bike
All the dangers and challenges that exist in this are actually the main attraction of this one racing event. Not only famous in Indonesia, but drag bikes are also popular in the world.

For those who like or want to know more about this branch of motorsport, here is a review of the history of drag bikes both in Indonesia and the world. From the sources, it was found that the drag bike has been around since 1950, where the United States was the first country to hold a bike event professionally.

An organization called the American Motorcycle Association or AMA, which first organized a bike in California in 1953. From time to time, this motorbike racing event has also experienced development. In the past, drag bikes were designed with reference to the principles of racing, namely by trimming the weight of the motorbike by removing unnecessary components.

The beginning of the emergence of this automotive sport in Indonesia was in the 1995s. However, due to the rarity of motorbike drag events, the popularity of this sport is starting to wane. The popularity of this sport can become an arena for wild race enthusiasts to get active again on the drag bike.

The Beginning of the Entry of Drag Bike Racing

Then where did DRAGBIKE first appear? transcendental meditation scotland, All of us agree that in Uncle Sam’s country there is indeed a racing warehouse, from motorbike races using Harley Davidson to Special Engine motorbikes that were transformed into Supermoto so that you can be invited to speed on the asphalt. Indeed, everything that smells of racing is there, sometimes even the race seems strange. Yes, that’s what the entertainment world in America is like.

No matter the origin of the motorbike for what it is, as long as the motorbike has a lot of fans, you can definitely be invited to participate in races, sometimes even up to a national championship. American Then how about the Drag Bike race itself.? Yes, you could say that America is the most developed country when it comes to Drag Race.

From the quality of the committee to the contestants. If here the prizes for the winners are often choked to the point of choking. It’s different there. Then what about the motorbikes of the contestants who participated in the races? Well, if this one is even more awesome Brother. Just imagine the drag motor power there can reach more than 1000 hp.

And indeed, if calculated from its enormous strength, it is reasonable because the weight of the motorbike itself can average up to 500 kg, most of which use motorbikes like Harley Davidson. It this motorbike can sometimes fly. And this is not kidding, because you can see for yourself at the back of the motorbike there is a kind of iron frame similar to the standard paddock which is used to hold the motorbike so it doesn’t wheelie when it is driven.

World Drag Motor Racing Regulations

Every motorcycle race has terms and conditions that apply. tm in scotland The regulations that are owned by this automotive sport are usually where a participant has to drive a motorbike from start to finish. The track used is 201 meters long with a width of 4 meters.

This is followed by a braking track which also has a length of 201 meters, while the restriction fence measures 1.5 meters from the edge of the guardrail. The requirement is that each racer must have a card that is given as permission to start. Participants who are allowed to participate in the competition are usually three wins.

Each competition has a class that is divided into several groups. Each class is separated to uphold sportsmanship during the match

The classes are divided into :

  • 2 stroke 250cc mix class
  • Duck class 125 cc 4 steps
  • sport class 150 cc 2 steps
  • Duck class 125 cc 2 steps

The rules remain the same, but what is compared is the ability of the machines used in the match. To maintain fairness, each machine capacity used must be separated.

Drag Race Championship Technical Competition

If the participant is less than 16 then, the competition will be held in 2 heats and if the participant is more than 16 then, the competition will be held in a preliminary round. The starting order of the second Heat is based on the result of the First Heat. The smallest time first starts first, followed by the second smallest time sequence, and so on.

When a participant enters the starting area, the participant will be determined by the committee which path the participant will use (path A or B), with a different path for each heat.
Participants must bring their vehicle and be present at the starting place according to the starting schedule for that class.

Participants who are late attending 5 minutes after the last participant in the class are considered to have withdrawn. local tmscotland centres It is not allowed to repair the vehicle in the starting area.
It is not allowed to move teeth by hand.

Both hands must hold the vehicle’s handlebar and are not allowed to raise the legs, either one or both of them, onto the seat. The start is done while the engine is running/running.

The time for a race consisting of two heats will be taken based on HEAT 1 + HEAT 2 divided by 2 (two). In Indonesia, the drag race or drag bike has a very high popularity. Then you have to understand what a drag bike is and also the rules, especially if you want to participate in the competition.

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