Speedway Racing Motorcycle Record

Speedway Racing Motorcycle Record

Surely this one sporting event has been enjoyed by many motorcycle racing lovers. Speedway racing is one of the preferred races for most automotive lovers. Having a unique shape and stature is one of the advantages of this type of motorbike. Actually, this motorbike can be made for daily activities.

Initially, the speedway was a motorbike sport that involved four riders competing for the first podium. Each participant will go through the track counterclockwise. The motorbike used has been modified with only one gear and no brakes.

The race is carried out on a circuit with a coming oval shape that usually has soil-like moisture as well as crushed rock. Each competitor shifts their machines towards the side of power sliding or broadsiding around corners. On a straight line, this motorbike can go up to 70 miles/hour or equal to 110 km/hour.

Today, this competition is held domestically and internationally in each country with prizes in the form of trophies and world titles. This motorbike racing event is very popular in Central and Northern Europe. Speedway itself is managed internationally by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

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History of Speedway Motorcycle Racing

One of the legendary racers on this one is a person who uses a leather helmet. Col Stewart, who has an early history of discovering the speedway race, has become an important object of debate and controversy. There is ample evidence to suggest the meeting was held on a track land in Australia and America before the First World War.

An American racer named Don Johns used broadsiding before 1914. He says he has driven many wide-open racetracks. Throwing a massive blast of earth into the air with every turn.

Speedway carried out more in-depth research in 1920, one of the tracks that led to this competition was the West Maitland Showground. It was first held on December 15, 1923 with a motorcycle racing track entrepreneur as his secretary.

Undertaking Maitland’s successful reforms, the meeting was resumed at the Newcastle Showground in 1924. The event, which was so successful, led to a talk about building a Speedway track on Darling Road, Hamilton.

The entry of SpeedWay Racing in Indonesia

Until now there are only two motorcycle manufacturers that specialize in making motorbikes for Speedway racing, one of which is Jawa Motorcycle. Let the name Java, this manufacturer is originally from the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

The name Jawa itself is taken from the names of its founders, namely Janecek and Wanderer which is shortened to Jawa. The Java 500cc Speedway Motorcycle is a specialist racing bike for speedway racing. Even though the model looks old-fashioned, this is actually the latest model.

The design does follow the needs and regulations of motorbikes in Speedway racing. Jawa 500cc Speedway Motorcycle only weighs 85 kg. Big power comes out of the engine, this motorbike can accelerate from a speed of 0-100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

Very fast for a motorbike that doesn’t have brakes, yup, this motorbike is not equipped with brakes. The engine has a single cylinder 500 cc capacity with a piston diameter of 90mm and a stroke of 78.5 mm. Despite the large engine capacity, this engine does not use a radiator or oil cooler.

Differences Motor Speedway Racing With Others

There is no data on how much power the engine can generate, but when viewed from the engine capacity, it doesn’t seem slow.
This motorbike was built in 1976, and the ‘HKS’ logo appears.

The design is very sleek, you can see that the frame is made of tubular pipes designed in such a way as to be a motor.

The cylinder block and the clutch, the gas tank is very small and can only hold no more than 1 liter of fuel. But it is enough because it is only used to go around a few laps and it is designed so that the motorbike does not have excess load.

Even though the body looks small, its performance cannot be underestimated about the pacemaker that it carries. The engine used on the motorbike has a 600cc cubication single cylinder DO HC air-cooled.

What do you think about the form of the HKS racing motorbike that competes in this Auto Racing? I think it’s suitable to be used as inspiration for custom.
But if you want a custom motorbike similar to the one above, don’t forget to install the front brakes and handlebars properly so you can use them on the highway.

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