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The entry of the World Drag Motor Racing Branch

Do you already understand what did mean by a World Drag Motor? Drag bike is one of the most popular automotive sports or motorsports. Even though the rules are completely different from MotoGP and WSBK, drag bikes have their own challenges. Drag bikes are quite well known in Indonesia and are a branch of motorsport […]

Tips to Win to Become a MotoGP World Champion

The world of motorbike racing is not something you can just play with. Balance and concentration are the most important basics. Already so, the rules during racing are quite a lot, of course this can put pressure on a driver.But that is the most important thing to become a world champion as many riders desire. […]

Biggest Challenge Becoming A MotoGP Racer

It’s great to see MotoGP riders in action on the circuit. With high speed the riders spur motorbikes and cornering aggressively making some supporters think it’s easy to ride a MotoGP iron horse. Surely many think it will be easy to ride a motorbike with this large capacity right? If examined further the fact is […]

Uncover the Hidden Techniques of Motocross Racing

Motorbike racing is a sport that is quite extreme, where the driver will compete to win first place to occupy the top of the podium. Like asphalt track racing, motocross racing also has to pass a certain racing line in order to get through the track in the shortest possible time. The difference is, the […]

The Most Interested Type of Motorcycle Racing

Apart from being a fun spectacle to watch, racing is also a popular sport for many people, especially men. Among the sports of motor racing, competition uses two-wheeled vehicles to fight for a victory on the podium. For the tracks used are quite diverse, most people use asphalt tracks or dusty soil. For most motorbike […]