The entry of the World Drag Motor Racing Branch

Do you already understand what did mean by a World Drag Motor? Drag bike is one of the most popular automotive sports or motorsports. Even though the rules are completely different from MotoGP and WSBK, drag bikes have their own challenges.

Drag bikes are quite well known in Indonesia and are a branch of motorsport that involves two motorbikes competing at high speeds on a 201-meter straight track. The rules that are enforced are quite simple, namely, the winner is who goes to the finish line first.

The challenges and dangers are of course faced by the participating racers. Apart from relying on the engine and motor power, the driver’s technique and mentality also affect the results of the race. For spectators who stand in the racing, the area is also at risk because the danger can threaten.

drag race tournament

A Brief History of Drag Race Motor Travel

The start of a motorcycle drag race bike
All the dangers and challenges that exist in this are actually the main attraction of this one racing event. Not only famous in Indonesia, but drag bikes are also popular in the world.

For those who like or want to know more about this branch of motorsport, here is a review of the history of drag bikes both in Indonesia and the world. From the sources, it was found that the drag bike has been around since 1950, where the United States was the first country to hold a bike event professionally.

An organization called the American Motorcycle Association or AMA, which first organized a bike in California in 1953. From time to time, this motorbike racing event has also experienced development. In the past, drag bikes were designed with reference to the principles of racing, namely by trimming the weight of the motorbike by removing unnecessary components.

The beginning of the emergence of this automotive sport in Indonesia was in the 1995s. However, due to the rarity of motorbike drag events, the popularity of this sport is starting to wane. The popularity of this sport can become an arena for wild race enthusiasts to get active again on the drag bike.

The Beginning of the Entry of Drag Bike Racing

Then where did DRAGBIKE first appear? transcendental meditation scotland, All of us agree that in Uncle Sam’s country there is indeed a racing warehouse, from motorbike races using Harley Davidson to Special Engine motorbikes that were transformed into Supermoto so that you can be invited to speed on the asphalt. Indeed, everything that smells of racing is there, sometimes even the race seems strange. Yes, that’s what the entertainment world in America is like.

No matter the origin of the motorbike for what it is, as long as the motorbike has a lot of fans, you can definitely be invited to participate in races, sometimes even up to a national championship. American Then how about the Drag Bike race itself.? Yes, you could say that America is the most developed country when it comes to Drag Race.

From the quality of the committee to the contestants. If here the prizes for the winners are often choked to the point of choking. It’s different there. Then what about the motorbikes of the contestants who participated in the races? Well, if this one is even more awesome Brother. Just imagine the drag motor power there can reach more than 1000 hp.

And indeed, if calculated from its enormous strength, it is reasonable because the weight of the motorbike itself can average up to 500 kg, most of which use motorbikes like Harley Davidson. It this motorbike can sometimes fly. And this is not kidding, because you can see for yourself at the back of the motorbike there is a kind of iron frame similar to the standard paddock which is used to hold the motorbike so it doesn’t wheelie when it is driven.

World Drag Motor Racing Regulations

Every motorcycle race has terms and conditions that apply. tm in scotland The regulations that are owned by this automotive sport are usually where a participant has to drive a motorbike from start to finish. The track used is 201 meters long with a width of 4 meters.

This is followed by a braking track which also has a length of 201 meters, while the restriction fence measures 1.5 meters from the edge of the guardrail. The requirement is that each racer must have a card that is given as permission to start. Participants who are allowed to participate in the competition are usually three wins.

Each competition has a class that is divided into several groups. Each class is separated to uphold sportsmanship during the match

The classes are divided into :

  • 2 stroke 250cc mix class
  • Duck class 125 cc 4 steps
  • sport class 150 cc 2 steps
  • Duck class 125 cc 2 steps

The rules remain the same, but what is compared is the ability of the machines used in the match. To maintain fairness, each machine capacity used must be separated.

Drag Race Championship Technical Competition

If the participant is less than 16 then, the competition will be held in 2 heats and if the participant is more than 16 then, the competition will be held in a preliminary round. The starting order of the second Heat is based on the result of the First Heat. The smallest time first starts first, followed by the second smallest time sequence, and so on.

When a participant enters the starting area, the participant will be determined by the committee which path the participant will use (path A or B), with a different path for each heat.
Participants must bring their vehicle and be present at the starting place according to the starting schedule for that class.

Participants who are late attending 5 minutes after the last participant in the class are considered to have withdrawn. local tmscotland centres It is not allowed to repair the vehicle in the starting area.
It is not allowed to move teeth by hand.

Both hands must hold the vehicle’s handlebar and are not allowed to raise the legs, either one or both of them, onto the seat. The start is done while the engine is running/running.

The time for a race consisting of two heats will be taken based on HEAT 1 + HEAT 2 divided by 2 (two). In Indonesia, the drag race or drag bike has a very high popularity. Then you have to understand what a drag bike is and also the rules, especially if you want to participate in the competition.

Tips to Win to Become a MotoGP World Champion

The world of motorbike racing is not something you can just play with. Balance and concentration are the most important basics. Already so, the rules during racing are quite a lot, of course this can put pressure on a driver.
But that is the most important thing to become a world champion as many riders desire.

Of course, to become a world champion requires determination and practice. It’s not an easy thing to become a winner of a championship. In the match, of course, there will be only one winner, with practice and luck, you can become a winner.

The name of a Rossi is one of the best riders in history. A racer who skyrocketed and has taken 10 titles in the MotoGP championship. He earned this title by becoming world champion seven times and becoming world champion in the 250cc and 125cc classes three times.

As reported by an American magazine, Rossi is one of the highest-paid riders in the world. The son of 250cc MotoGP racer Graziano Rossi, Valentino Rossi has successfully followed in his father’s footsteps to become a world champion in prestigious championships.

1st place motogp

Tips and Tricks to Get on the MotoGP Podium

It should be noted, to get the title of champion is certainly not easy. There are many techniques that must be learned to become a winner. Among the many great racers, there are still many riders who have yet to win. However, to become a champion you must have a mental steel in order to realize what you achieve.

Valentino Rossi, who is a world champion, can still get defeated. He has achieved quite a lot of achievements and now Rossy is playing for the Yamaha Racing Team. The motor that is used during the match and also the balance of the body are very important factors in a match.

In addition, to prevent accidents during the match your concentration will be tested at that time. It is hoped that Rossy who drives on a Yamaha YZR-M1 motorbike is stable and can bring Rossi and his teammates to become a world champion.

Memorizing Tracks To Be Used

Path is a thing that is used to make a match. The most important thing to win in a motorbike racing match is that you have to memorize the obstacles in advance. Before the match starts, usually a racer will be invited to go around on the prepared track.

Participants are also given the opportunity to do a test drive on the arena that will be used for racing. Each participant will be given time to take turns memorizing the existing tracks. Carrying out this activity is intended so that each participant knows about the route to be taken.

Of course, before starting the match, you have to do a mapping on the presence of finish lines and turns in the place where you will be competing. There are still many of participants who take this matter lightly. Those who win are the ones who memorize every turn and straight-line correctly.

Maintain Speed ​​During Competition

It is very important, to win in a motorbike racing competition, a rider must be able to continue this iron horse quickly and stably. Of course, every game every racer wants to win. The winner is taken only 1 person. Therefore, maintaining speed is something every participant must be able to do.

The trick is to improve, the speed really needs to be maintained. This is so that when there is a turn you do not increase speed. The winner is shown when you complete the total number of rounds in the first position. Therefore it is very important to maintain speed during the match.

No less important in following MotoGP class competencies, a rider must be able to get a motorbike with an engine and tires that must be used on each side. The choice of spare parts is also the most important thing to win a match.

Maintain Stamina and Physical Before the Match

Of course in every competition, your physique and stamina must be maintained. This is something that every MotoGP rider must have. To keep your concentration in the match, make sure you are not under the influence of drugs or problems in life first.

Release your problems first in order to get victory on the race track. Given the condition of the motorbike that is used has a weight 2 times the body weight of a racer, make sure you have a strong body to balance it.

Physical exercise is very important for every rider to maintain balance. Make sure to warm up or exercise every day so that you are strong to lift the motorbike and go fast to be a winner. Take control of your mind to become a world champion.

Maybe this is what we can share with you readers wherever you are. It is our hope that with this article all of you can make it a useful reading. If the reader is a MotoGP enthusiast, and has aspirations to become a racer, keep chasing your dreams.

Speedway Racing Motorcycle Record

Surely this one sporting event has been enjoyed by many motorcycle racing lovers. Speedway racing is one of the preferred races for most automotive lovers. Having a unique shape and stature is one of the advantages of this type of motorbike. Actually, this motorbike can be made for daily activities.

Initially, the speedway was a motorbike sport that involved four riders competing for the first podium. Each participant will go through the track counterclockwise. The motorbike used has been modified with only one gear and no brakes.

The race is carried out on a circuit with a coming oval shape that usually has soil-like moisture as well as crushed rock. Each competitor shifts their machines towards the side of power sliding or broadsiding around corners. On a straight line, this motorbike can go up to 70 miles/hour or equal to 110 km/hour.

Today, this competition is held domestically and internationally in each country with prizes in the form of trophies and world titles. This motorbike racing event is very popular in Central and Northern Europe. Speedway itself is managed internationally by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

speedway racing

History of Speedway Motorcycle Racing

One of the legendary racers on this one is a person who uses a leather helmet. Col Stewart, who has an early history of discovering the speedway race, has become an important object of debate and controversy. There is ample evidence to suggest the meeting was held on a track land in Australia and America before the First World War.

An American racer named Don Johns used broadsiding before 1914. He says he has driven many wide-open racetracks. Throwing a massive blast of earth into the air with every turn.

Speedway carried out more in-depth research in 1920, one of the tracks that led to this competition was the West Maitland Showground. It was first held on December 15, 1923 with a motorcycle racing track entrepreneur as his secretary.

Undertaking Maitland’s successful reforms, the meeting was resumed at the Newcastle Showground in 1924. The event, which was so successful, led to a talk about building a Speedway track on Darling Road, Hamilton.

The entry of SpeedWay Racing in Indonesia

Until now there are only two motorcycle manufacturers that specialize in making motorbikes for Speedway racing, one of which is Jawa Motorcycle. Let the name Java, this manufacturer is originally from the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

The name Jawa itself is taken from the names of its founders, namely Janecek and Wanderer which is shortened to Jawa. The Java 500cc Speedway Motorcycle is a specialist racing bike for speedway racing. Even though the model looks old-fashioned, this is actually the latest model.

The design does follow the needs and regulations of motorbikes in Speedway racing. Jawa 500cc Speedway Motorcycle only weighs 85 kg. Big power comes out of the engine, this motorbike can accelerate from a speed of 0-100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

Very fast for a motorbike that doesn’t have brakes, yup, this motorbike is not equipped with brakes. The engine has a single cylinder 500 cc capacity with a piston diameter of 90mm and a stroke of 78.5 mm. Despite the large engine capacity, this engine does not use a radiator or oil cooler.

Differences Motor Speedway Racing With Others

There is no data on how much power the engine can generate, but when viewed from the engine capacity, it doesn’t seem slow.
This motorbike was built in 1976, and the ‘HKS’ logo appears.

The design is very sleek, you can see that the frame is made of tubular pipes designed in such a way as to be a motor.

The cylinder block and the clutch, the gas tank is very small and can only hold no more than 1 liter of fuel. But it is enough because it is only used to go around a few laps and it is designed so that the motorbike does not have excess load.

Even though the body looks small, its performance cannot be underestimated about the pacemaker that it carries. The engine used on the motorbike has a 600cc cubication single cylinder DO HC air-cooled.

What do you think about the form of the HKS racing motorbike that competes in this Auto Racing? I think it’s suitable to be used as inspiration for custom.
But if you want a custom motorbike similar to the one above, don’t forget to install the front brakes and handlebars properly so you can use them on the highway.

Biggest Challenge Becoming A MotoGP Racer

It’s great to see MotoGP riders in action on the circuit. With high speed the riders spur motorbikes and cornering aggressively making some supporters think it’s easy to ride a MotoGP iron horse. Surely many think it will be easy to ride a motorbike with this large capacity right?

If examined further the fact is not the case. In fact, it is not easy to control a MotoGP bike at high speed on a straight track, let alone turning. Rider Monster Yamaha Tech 3, Bradley Smith revealed 11 things you need to know about the difficulties of being a MotoGP rider.

The average speed of MotoGP riders during the race is 100 miles per hour or approximately 161 km/hour. Smith once recorded his 215 miles per hour (346 km / h) as his best speed. Even when maneuvering turns and turns on the circuit, the average speed of the riders is still up to 110 miles per hour (177 km / h).

MotoGP racing bikes have 250 horsepower, which is faster than a car, but you only have two wheels and the racing is more intense. The speed reaches 0-60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds,

motogp training

Motor Weight Exceeds Two Times Adults

The motor weighs about 160 kilograms, so the object has a very heavy physique to carry off the track,” said the 24-year-old British man. Smith said the routine to the gym is to keep his body in shape and increase the strength of his arms and shoulders so that he is balanced in riding a motorbike.

With a strong physique, of course, it will be a challenge in itself when riding this iron horse. Diet and rest is an important factor as a MotoGP rider. Surely with hard work you can become a great racer.

The most difficult thing is being able to balance the weight of the motorbike used by MotoGP riders. Strong instinct is one of the supporting factors to help you become a great racer.

Losing Two Liters Of Fluid In The Body During The Game
A powerful and effective way for someone who wants to diet without having to spend a lot of money is to race MotoGP for one hour. MotoGP riders sweat twice as much as walking in the hot sun.

Losing Two Liters Of Fluid In The Body During The Game

A powerful and effective way for someone who wants to diet without having to spend a lot of money is to race MotoGP for one hour. MotoGP riders sweat twice as much as walking in the hot sun.

“It’s very difficult when you race in 36 degrees Celsius heat in Malaysia or 70 percent humidity in Japan adding to body heat. “We sweat out during the race and can come out as much as two liters in 45 minutes,” said Smith.

lots of protectors on her clothes. MotoGP riders are not inferior to Batman because they wear thicker protective clothing than the Bat Man to protect the body if an accident occurs. Of course, when the clothes are used, it will increase the heat in the body of a racer.

In addition, wearing thick clothing is one of the methods used to protect the body in the event of an accident. It is very important to make preparations in protecting the body from an accident.

Mastering Motor Like a Big Computer

Technology also dominates in MotoGP. Analysis every day is carried out on the motorbike of the MotoGP riders. This is done to improve the motorbike during the match. Therefore, maintenance of the motorbike and also the rider is the most important thing during a match.

We have 500 records on the bikes and we generally have big computers that monitor anything that can go on. Doing check my timestamps on each different sector, so I can find out if I am under or over my timestamps. There are also lighter and faster gear changes, so you know when to shift gears at maximum strength.

Don’t just ride motorized motorbikes, MotoGP riders are also obliged to maintain their fitness level when not competing. Many riders like to ride bicycles. Cycling is a sport that does not pose much risk and helps our fitness. MotoGP has been tough for the body.

keep all my practice in as different ways as possible to get rid of boredom. Nature exercises like off-road bike help me keep having fun.

MotoGP racers must have a short memory

The meaning of a short memory, is that the riders must quickly forget the incident when they fell in order to get up in the next race.

I think I was one of the riders who crashed the most last year. We have to have a short memory because if an accident plays in your mind, and you hesitate, there is no way you can race at the top level.

Even if there are 100 moments that can separate the riders, you have to have a clear mind so you can go there and race, “he continued.

Do you like watching MotoGP? Or do you like speeding on a motorbike? From

Uncover the Hidden Techniques of Motocross Racing

Motorbike racing is a sport that is quite extreme, where the driver will compete to win first place to occupy the top of the podium. Like asphalt track racing, motocross racing also has to pass a certain racing line in order to get through the track in the shortest possible time.

The difference is, the racing line referred to in motocross is not the innermost side of the corner like racing on asphalt. However, the most decisive racing line is the way to get through the obstacle or obstacles the racers do. Usually motocross racers are given several choices in passing obstacles.

For example, if there are three hills that are not too far away, the first choice of the racer can be directly over the obstacle in one jump. Or the second option is not too strong, the racer can still go by sticking to the ground to pass the three hills.

It can also just jump over the two hills and the last hill is skipped by jumping or staying attached to the ground. Which of course is more effective between the first, second, and third methods? Actually it all depends on the track, before the hill the racer can make it first or not, the size of the hill is big or small, and many other factors.

Supporting Factors for Successful Jumping of Motocross Racer

The speed of the racer must be precise, it cannot be more or less. Of course, if the jumps don’t reach the target, if it’s too much, it will pass the tracks that have been provided. So the speed must be calculated by the distance between the two hilltops, including the angle of inclination of the hill

The motion of the dirt bike jumping over the hill is a parabolic motion in physics. For example, we assume the height of the top of the hill is the same. The distance between the two hilltops is 10 m, the angle of elevation of the jump hill is 45 degrees, what is the optimum speed for the motorbike to pass through the hill?

where x = distance between two hills, A = elevation angle, Vo = initial velocity, g = acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m / s2). By using the formula for the motion of the parabola above, the initial velocity is found to be 35.65 km/hour.

Motocross Racer Jump Technique

So the racer has to jump at that initial speed for the jump to be perfect. Professional motocross racers (eg MXGP racers) do not calculate in detail how fast they jump. Of course, with practice and experience, they do not need to calculate in detail because they already understand the estimated speed of passing an obstacle. So they will estimate the speed of the motor when it will jump over an obstacle.

That is the most important motocross riding technique to know so that you can train so that the performance of motocross stunts can be maximized. Besides that, the weight of the body must be correct, in general, the weight of the body when sitting is on the spine, right? However, this does not apply to motocross action because it is considered dangerous for the health of the riders and is also able to make the body feel tired more easily.

For the position of the most correct body weight support is to divide it in both hands where the body is positioned slightly bent forward, while the hands can be bent slightly where another term is arrogant style. The head must be in an upright condition and continue to look forward while the position of the feet must be clamping the tank.

Tips for Facing Rocky Tracks

Rocky Track When you encounter a track full of rocks, the important thing to do is position your hands to bend a little so that the shocks felt by the body can be properly damped and motocross action is not disturbed.

You also need to pay attention to weight bearing, that is, you can put your weight on the rear wheel while also trying to be in a standing position. Not only that, riders also need to remember carefully not to do it in a sitting position because the risk of danger is higher and greater.

Descent Not only a steep incline, every rider also needs to face a steep descent which is the opposite of the incline. When going through a sharp drop, the rider needs to position his body slightly back and make sure it is also still in a position on the seat.

Play the rear brake occasionally while wearing low gear. The braking for a type 4 motorbike cannot be done by the rider via the engine brake. In this case, of course, training is also needed so that when you cross the descent, you are used to and in controlling the speed more perfectly.

The Most Interested Type of Motorcycle Racing

Apart from being a fun spectacle to watch, racing is also a popular sport for many people, especially men. Among the sports of motor racing, competition uses two-wheeled vehicles to fight for a victory on the podium.

For the tracks used are quite diverse, most people use asphalt tracks or dusty soil. For most motorbike racing lovers, of course they think it’s just a race to win. The wrong assumption about this sport.

Driving a motorbike that is used is certainly very difficult. In addition to the unnatural weight, the track with sharp turns adds adrenaline to driving. Of course, to become a motorbike racing champion, a racer needs to be mentally and also hard training.

Each exercise has objectives for various trails as well. What are the types of motorbike racing that are most popular with many people? Let’s just look at the discussion.

MotoGP Races

This motorbike racing seems like the most prestigious type of motorbike racing. MotoGP fans have a fantastic number and are scattered in various countries. To the extent that there is a separate community or fan club that is always present wherever the idol racer does the MotoGP race.

This special MotoGP iron horse is a 1000 cc engine that must devour 22 laps or laps. There is a class category division for each motor engine capacity. Among them are the Moto 2 class, Moto 3 class and finally the MotoGP class which competes in 18 official circuits.

Motor speed can reach 300 km / h more with 6 gears. And special smooth-sided tires without indentation lines are the hallmark of MotoGP.

World Superbike racing

Superbike motorbike racing is a motorbike racing event using a motor sport with a capacity of 1000 cc which is sold in bulk. This means that the motor used is a motorbike that can also be owned by the wider community with a certain economic level.

The riders in the Superbike event are also not as famous as the Moto GP racers. The exception is those who previously raced for the MotoGP event and moved to the Superbike.

The riders are only joined in a team and do not carry the name of a motorbike manufacturer which is supported by several sponsors who work with them. This means that almost all of the funds come from the personal team and sponsors.


Supermoto racing

The type of motor racing in the world besides the basic design of the motorbike used in the Supermoto race is a trail bike. But there are separate modifications to the motorcycle handlebar and also the tire size. The tires used in Supermoto are larger than the size of tires used in Moto Trail racing.

Likewise with the engine capacity. Moreover, the track used combines an asphalt track with a dirt track. The level of obstacles determined adds to the excitement of this Supermoto racing event. However, Supermoto is only held on a few tracks in Italy.

Motocross racing

This type of motor racing is a type of motor racing, using a dirt track with various forms of obstacles, which are specially formed. This racing spectacle will add to the excitement for motorbike racing lovers.

Like an obstacle to making a jump or jump and some turns classified as sharp, the riders have to lower their legs to help them make it easier to turn. Mud and dirt are the hallmarks of this race. Many of the motorbike racing fans immediately came to the venue because of the excitement.

Speedway Race Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing in the world apart from this type of motorbike racing is quite unique. The track used is an earth-type track and is only oval in shape. Maneuvering turns at high speed and the position of the feet dropped to the ground are the coolest stunts of the racers when racing.

The size of the body frame used is also quite slim. Making it easier for racers to maneuver “sliding” at high speed in making corners.

RaceRoad racing

If this one is a motorbike race usually held in the Asian region. The circuits that are used also make use of road sections in a city that have been bounded with sacks filled with sand or only used tires. They only use a motorcycle with a capacity of 110 cc to 125 cc which is used in several racing categories, namely seeded class, beginner A, and beginner B.

They use a type of motorbike that is sold in bulk. The distance that each driver has to cover is 10 to 20 km. Don’t get me wrong. In fact, this racing competition also has an Asian level championship, you know. The name of the Indonesian racer, Doni Tata Pradita, can penetrate the racing class in the Moto GP event.